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"Princess of the Universe" by Hale Fellow cover

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of the
- Or -
Liberal Women I Have Known

A Novel
By Hale Fellow

Early readers say:

* "Hilarious and scathing take-down of liberal women..."
(Self-identified conservative male)

* "I hate it, but I couldn't put it down!"
(Self-identified liberal female)

* "Fun read. I laughed out loud..."
(Self-identified liberal male)

* "Enjoyed it!"
(Self-identified conservative female)


Bruce Brown's 100 Voices from the Little Bighorn

Newly Updated --
Bruce Brown's 100 Voices
The Battle of the Little Bighorn eye-witness record all in one place, all searchable for the first time!

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 Living Mystery Map - The WHOLE story in ONE map!

Fifth Anniversary Update --
Malaysian Airlines MH370 Mystery Map, 2014 - 2019
The WHOLE story in ONE Map!


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