Updated March 4, 1998

A Case of 'Abuse of Market Power?'
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 Bombs Corel Quattro Pro 7

IT'S A GOOD thing that Corel released a new version of its Quattro Pro spreadsheet late last year because the previous version -- Quattro Pro 7 -- can't be installed on Windows 95 computers that already have Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 installed.

Corel has confirmed to BugNet that the presence of Internet Explorer 4 on a PC prevents installing Quattro Pro 7.

Users who try to install Quattro Pro 7 get an Invalid Page Fault in Module Kernal32.dll approximately 78 percent through Quattro's installation routine.

Although the new Quattro Pro 8 isn't affected, the problem remains a serious one since there are tens of thousands of copies of Quattro Pro 7 in use, and now virtually every Windows 95 machine ships with Internet Explorer 4 (IE4) installed.

Users like Jann C. of Redmond, WA, are finding that when they buy a new PC and try to install their nearly new version of Quattro on it, they're in for grief.

"Since I live in Redmond I suppose I should be behind Microsoft 100 percent," Jann told BugNet, "but what I experienced this weekend really makes my blood boil! I bought a brand new Dell computer. One of the programs that came preloaded on the computer was Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0. When I was trying to install Corel's Quattro Pro (a direct competitor to MS Excel, of course) it would only get about 78% of the way through the install program and then it gave me an error msg. I tried uninstalling and wasn't able to successfully do that either. This caused me hours of frustration and phone calls to Corel, Dell, Microsoft etc.

"Microsoft -- grrrr!"

The problem also has wider implications. "If one accepts Microsoft's contention that IE4 is a part of Windows 95, then you have to conclude that Microsoft's operating system puts at least one competitor -- Corel -- at a distinct disadvantage," said BugNet Editor Bruce Brown.

"This can be seen as exactly the sort of 'abuse of market power' that Microsoft's critics are screaming about, in Congress and elsewhere."

The only work-around for the problem is to uninstall Internet Explorer 4, according to Corel.

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