Updated August 26, 1998

Microsoft Access Hit By Silent Data Loss Bug

A SERIOUS bug has surfaced in Access 97 that can potentially corrupt user databases without users being aware of it.

The bug affects Access 2, Access 95, and Access 97.

The bug can potentially cause edits to a record to be applied to a different record, which effectively corrupts the data in both of them. It appears that it only happens to Access database applications that rely on VBA programming, where an unbound Combo Box is employed in form view to navigate between records with the RecordsetClone and Bookmark commands, a fairly common programming technique. A detailed explanation of the bug can be found at http://odyssey.apana.org.au/~abrowne/BugBookmark.html.

The workaround: go to Access's Design View, right click on Combo Box and enter me.requery into the dialog box, and click Save.

Microsoft says a code fix will be included Service Release 2 for Microsoft Office.

-- Bruce Kratofil

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