Updated February 1, 1998

From the BugNet Database

SOME OF THE fixes to problems in FrontPage 98 that have already made it into the BugNet Database include:

  • When the FrontPage Editor in FrontPage 97 and FrontPage 98 parses HTML, unknown attributes are discarded for the following tags: AREA, B, BASE, BASEFONT, BGSOUND, BIG, BLINK, CENTER, CITE, CODE, DFN, DIV, EM, FONT, HEAD, HTML, MAP, META, NEXTID, NOFRAMES, OPTION, SAMP, SCRIPT, SMALL, STRIKE, S, STRONG, SUB, SUP, TITLE, TT, U, VAR, NOEMBED, PARAM. Microsoft's workaround: To write HTML with unknown attributes to the above tags, put the entire tag into an HTML Markup section.
  • Microsoft reports that when you change the page title in the Page Properties dialog box in FrontPage Editor in FrontPage 98, the change to the title will not reflected in the folder pane in Navigation view in FrontPage Explorer. Microsoft says this isn’t a bug but a feature. (For reasons only known the folks in Redmond, this behavior is by design.)
  • In FrontPage Explorer in Microsoft FrontPage 98, if you rename a page that is the destination of a hyperlink in a page that is open in HTML view in FrontPage Editor, the hyperlink will not be updated even if you clicked Yes when FrontPage Explorer prompted you to update the pages so that the hyperlinks would not be broken. The work-around: To update the HTML source of the file that is open in FrontPage Editor, choose the Normal tab before you switch to FrontPage Explorer. Then you should rename the file that is the destination of a hyperlink.
  • You may receive the following error message if you attempt to use the Registration Form Handler in FrontPage 98 (or the FrontPage Registration WebBot in previous versions of FrontPage and FrontPage for the Power Macintosh) on a web site running the Internet Information Server (IIS), and view the properties of the page: "This server does not support registered end users." This message appears because the Internet Information Server does not allow users to register through their browser for access to a web. This is by design, and thus there is no workaround.
  • In Microsoft FrontPage 98, the Script Wizard button in the Script dialog box will not be available when Other is selected, and if you try to use the Script Wizard in FrontPage 97, you'll encounter the following message: "This document contains scripts in an unsupported language, which will be ignored." This problem occurs because if you use a language other than VBScript or JavaScript, the Script Wizard will not display any of the procedures or objects contained in the script.
  • Microsoft reports the following problem in FrontPage 98: When you browse the home page of a web containing several top-level pages and on which you inserted a navigation bar, you may not see any links to other top-level pages. When you browse one of the other top-level pages, these pages will not contain links to the other top-level pages although they will contain a link to the home page. You will need to set the Top Level option in the Navigation Bar Properties dialog box. Here's how: 1) In FrontPage Editor, go to the Insert menu and click Navigation Bar. 2) Under Hyperlinks To Include, choose Top Level, then click OK and save the Page. Links to all the top-level pages will now appear in the navigation bar when you click Preview In Browser on the File menu.

This month's BugNet bug list has some additional fixes, as well as information on compatibility between some of the new features in FrontPage 98 and FrontPage 97.

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