Bug Jumps

First, here are a few interesting links that have nothing to do with computers...

AfriCam: The best autocam site on the Web -- displays live pictures every 30 seconds from some of the major waterholes in South Africa's national parks and game preserves...

George Washington's Papers: A fascinating collection of George Washington's papers from the Library of Congress...

Theban Mapping Project: Very cool site devoted to the new Egyptian archaeological discoveries in the Valley of the Kings near Thebes...

Seattle Freeway Cam: Useful photos of Interstate 5 in Seattle showing where traffic is heavy, refreshed every 90 seconds...

Web Nebulae: Some really neat color images of the Pleiades, Crab Nebulae, etc. ...

Nanoworld Image Gallery: Marvelous electron microsocope images of insects, bone marrow, endoplasmic reticulum and other visual treats...

Random Link: See what the gods of the modem bring...

Now here is BugNet's updated list of quality tech support links...

Automatic Support

Aveo: Every month Aveo takes a couple dozen bug fixes from BugNet's monthly Bug Fix List and automates the solutions with it's unique, user friendly AttunePrevent technology...

Software Vendors


Netscape Support

Novell Technical Services

Lotus Customer Support

Adobe Support

Corel Knowledge Base




Inprise (neƩ Borland)

Viruses & Security

Virus Hotlist

U.S. DOE Internet Virus Hoaxes

CERT Internet Security Advisories

Microsoft Internet Explorer Security Info

Hardware Vendors


Hewlett-Packard Support

Lexmark Support


Diamond Support



Number Nine

U.S. Robotics



Rockwell International

Iomega Support


Apple Support



Quill Services Mac Bomb Database

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