CorelDRAW 8 Import/Export Filters Readme Notes


Some Import and Export filters contain more than one filter type within them. Although limited filter files may have been chosen for installation, access to other filters may be provided. No additional files were installed for these filters. Should you not wish to have access to these additional filters, it is possible to remove them from your filter list. Filter lists can be customized using Tools, Options, Global, Filters. Edit the list of active filters to include only those you wish to have access to.

HTML Import

The HyperText Markup Language (HTM) import filter is available during a Custom Installation (Import/Export File Types - Internet File Types).

The HTML import filter is designed simply to try and extract as much editable information from a web document as possible. It makes an attempt to read as much as it can and bring objects into CorelDRAW! in a manner similar to the original layout but they will not generally be laid out identically. It  is not meant for the purpose of opening a document and republishing right away. All the normal rules that apply to publishing to HTML still apply to a document imported this way and it is up the user to reformat the document as needed.

For example, when importing an HTML document and then running Publish to the Internet immediately, warning messages may appear stating "Text properties are not HTML compatible". Objects must first be made "HTML compatible" using the Make HTML Compatible option in the Text menu. Imported HTML documents may also exceed the boundaries of the drawing page since they are imported as one flowing single page document.  When publishing to the Internet, any objects that are not on the drawing page will be cut off and not included in the export. If desired, the imported objects may be relocated to subsequent pages.

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