CorelDRAW 8 Filters Revisions (RevB)

Import - HTML Nested tables are now appearing when importing document to HTML. 
Large text followed by smaller text now aligns properly, and no longer inserts white spaces on new paragraphs. 
Text boxes are now resized to accept italic text. 
Underlined text now appears in imported HTML documents. 

After import, right aligned text remains right aligned. 

Centre aligned text now always imports centered. 

Linked HTML text now  imports as standard blue when text colour is not black. 
Export - WMF  Patterned text objects no longer disappear when in the same document with patterned fills. 
Two color pattern filled text no longer exports as black and white. 
Multipage CDR exported to WMF then reimported now is no longer superimposed 
Import - WMF Imported WMF file that contains lines now retain aspect ratio when resized downwards. 
Import - 3DMF Changing image size no longer causes handles to obscure object. 
Export - CPT,TIF,GIF,PSD,BMP Superscript and subscript text now exports properly. 
Import - CDR/CDX into Paint No longer causes a bad memory pointer in NT4. 
Export - AI Exported RGB, HSB, and HLS no longer exports to CMYK 
Export - EPS Vectors in an EPS are now separating properly from TrapWise. 
Export - CAL It is now possible to save notes in Export dialog. 


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