CorelDRAW 8 Installation Notes

Corel does not recommend installing CorelDRAW 8 applications over any previous release version (e.g., CorelDRAW 5, CorelDRAW 6, CorelDRAW 7). Please ensure that you install CorelDRAW 8 applications to a new folder.

If you choose to install over a previous installation of CorelDRAW 8, your user modifiable files will be backed up. The configuration files in CorelDRAW 8 will not be backed up (e.g., workspace changes), as these files are not affected by setup.

When installing and uninstalling this application, take note of any color profiles, scripts or sample files that you may have modified and saved to its original name. To prevent the removal or overwriting of your current color profiles, scripts or sample files that you may have modified, ensure that you first copy the modified files to another location before installing updates or uninstalling this application.

Disk space required for this installation may vary depending on drive configuration. For example, a 2Kb file on a FAT (File Allocation Table) formatted disk will occupy 16Kb on a 1Gb drive, and 32Kb on a 2Gb drive. The install bases its calculation on the actual file size and not the required disk space size. Therefore, installing to a large, partitioned drive that is FAT formatted, and is quite full, lack of space errors may be encountered towards the end of the installation.

Corel VENTURA 8.0 and CorelDRAW 8.0 share common Writing Tool registry entries. In the event that the Writing Tools portion of the installation for one of these applications is uninstalled, the Writing Tools will be disabled for the remaining application. This will occur if only the Writing Tools component is chosen to be uninstalled. To re-register the Writing Tools for the remaining application, run the file comreg.exe from the \Programs folder. This will re-register the installed Writing Tools files in the remaining application.

CorelDRAW 8.0 and Corel WordPerfect 8.0 share common Writing Tool files, but have different registry entries. It is for this reason that Corel does not recommend installing these applications into the same path (e.g., \Corel\Graphics8). Please install these applications into separate folders to ensure full Writing Tool functionality.

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