CorelDRAW Printing and Color Management Revisions (RevB)

Printing - Non-Postscript
Printing inverted lenses over a color linear fill now prints in color. 
Spot colour seps of text printed to Non - Postscript umulsion side down, now print properly 
Printing - PostScript
No longer causes error when previewing separations for object with no colors to separate (ie White object). 
Printing cropped, converted duotone image to separations now prints cropped image. 
High solid ink density option now works. 
Printing to Presswise from NT when choosing Conform to DSC no longer causes PostScript syntax error. 
Draw no longer changes the printer to the 'default windows Printer' whenever a user changes the default printer setting in Control Panel. 
Printing Transparencies no longer results in extra plate being output for PS. 
Drop Shadows, bitmaps, and lenses now print in black and white when "print as greyscale/black' selected. 
Having Collate on, no longer prints too many pages. 
Drop Shadows over fountain fill no longer have visible bounding area. 
Printing - General
An error does not occur when selecting Rendering Subsystem as printer.  
Service Bureau Profiler - page size name now matches dimensions. 
Open print dialog is now quick to open when guidelines are present. 
Options no longer disappear when you go to the Printer's UI and try to select them. 
Collate pages is  always enabled. 
Externally linked bitmaps are  included in 'prepare for service bureau'. 
Print to a printer that is set to 'Print to File', is now DCS compliant. 
EPS files containing bitmaps  print properly from Trapwise. 
Drop shadow over B/W bitmap is no longer printed to all plates. 
Lenses or drop shadows anywhere on the page, no longer causes superscript text to print too high. 
Exporting to EPS doesn't affect print styles. 
Color profiles are now greyed out for greyscale printers. 
Color Manager
 Palette can now be found after a new, empty palette is created. 
Color Profile Wizard - can now open the .TIF for a transmissive target when calibrating a scanner. 
Printing a document containing duplicate Pantone Spot colours used to cause the colors to be separated to different plates. 
Palette Editor - context menu for right hand palette swatches, REMOVE option is now enabled. 
Rendering of Blend picker in Color dialog and Color Rollup when in HSB now appears like other models (cmyk,rgb). 
Fixed sensitivity of clicking and dragging in mixing area - would cause color to be added to custom palette. 
Copy/Paste of user Defined inks with % tints no longer causes the pasted colour to have incorrect colour values. 
Opening a Draw 7 file that contained Focoltone, DIC, or TOYO inks no longer causes those colors to appear white (0% tint) 
Color Profile Wizard - Properties now give correct creation time. 
Color Profile Wizard - No longer receive error when identifying the fiduciary mark after calculating a scanner target and clicking OK on the Calibration error dialog.


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