CorelPHOTO-PAINT 8 Readme Notes

Web Browsers and JPEG images

Please note that 32-Bit JPEG images are not currently supported in Web Browsers.
If you are saving Progressive JPEG images for the Web, make sure that your Web Designer and/or Browser supports Progressive JPEG.

Watermark detection

Watermark detection will not work automatically on opening a CPT file (even when the corresponding checkbox is set). You must first load the file and set the "File">"Export">"Detect Watermark" option.

3rd Party Plugin Filters

The Squizz plugin filter will experience problems if running on Windows NT 4 with 16M of RAM or less. This seems to be a general problem with this plugin and the current work around is to increase the RAM. This problem does not occur under Windows 95.

The KPT plugin filters do not work properly with CMYK images. The plugin works best with 24-Bit images.

Some of the dialog boxes for the plugins do not support video screen display of 256 colors or less and consequently the display is very poor. The current work around is to increase the video screen display to 16-Bit [32k colors] or higher.

When using the MagicMask plugin (and it's older version - Chromatica), the mask does not apply to the final image.  This is a problem with the plugin and CorelPHOTO-PAINT (7 & 8).  Chromatica has acknowledged the problem and provided this work-around:
    1. Engage MagicMask as normal.
    2. Do all your masking in MagicMask.
    3. When done click OK.
    4. Before doing anything else hit "Ctrl K"
    5. Then hit "Ctrl F"
    6. Then hit "Ctrl K"
The Mask will now be active in CorelPHOTO-PAINT.

Blur and Sharpen Effect Brushes

The Effect Tool brushes, Blur and Sharpen, will not operate correctly on objects in 16bit Grayscale or 48bit RGB images.

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