CorelSCAN and Scanning Readme Notes

Microsoft Windows NT4 and Scanning

Service pack 3 must be installed on WINNT4 in order for scanning to work properly.

TWAIN Compatibility

TWAIN.dll's version  and Twunk_16.exe\Twunk_32.dll version must be used. Please note: some scanner software has been known to overwrite new versions.

Manufacturer's Scanner Drivers

Always use the latest drivers from the manufacturer.  These can usually be obtained from the manufacturer's website.

Free Disk Space

To avoid application instability, ensure that you have adequate swap file space at the commencement of the scan. If application instability is still an issue, make sure that TWUNK_16.exe is not running on your system.

AGFA Fotolook 2.0.8

Version 2.0.8. and earlier is not supported.  Please upgrade to version 2.0.9. or later.

Canon IX-3010

16-bit grayscale depth is not supported.

Canon ScanCraft CS

Please update your driver to 3.0.1a or later.

Casio Digital Camera 16-bit Driver

Pressing Escape when the driver is active will causes CorelPHOTO-PAINT and CorelSCAN to go into an non-responding mode.  This is common with other bitmap editing applications.

Epson 2.20

The 16-bit driver is not supported.  Please use the 32-bit driver.
When cancelling an image, ensure that the red error light is not flashing and that the scanner is in its Ready state before continuing.
Ensure that when Testing the Scanner Driver in the Configuration Manager, that the Epson scanner is turned on.

Hewlett Packard Deskscan 2.3 and later

The Test Scanner Driver function will fail if you have an ADF attached to your scanner. Image shifts from selected area.

Hewlett Packard PrecisionScan Driver 1.0

This driver is not supported.

Microtek ScanWizard 2.30 and later

Time-out problems may be experienced when scanning at a resolution under 100 DPI.  Read the Error.txt that is provided with the driver.

Kodak DC50 Digital Camera

You cannot keep the manufacturer's user interface displayed after a scan.


We are not supporting 4 bit per pixel depths in version 8.
As well, 48-bit scanning is not supported in CorelSCAN, the image will be converted to 24-bit RGB.
Thumbnail display is not available from CorelSCAN when run as a stand-alone.
Selection of memory, buffered, and file mode is no longer available in CorelPHOTO-PAINT.

CorelTWAIN Drivers

Update your Adaptec SCSI Driver to 1.3 or higher. CorelTWAIN drivers are no longer supported for this version, but can be used with the following restrictions:


You cannot use this driver with newer scanner models.  It only functions on the 600C, 800C, and 1000C.  It cannot read the SCSI bus properly.  Therefore, you cannot scan with this driver at all.

Fujitsu ScanPartner Series

Error indicating that " A serious error occurred and to ensure that there is adequate space." You must reboot and re-installed this driver.

Hewlett-Packard 32 Bit

Cannot rotate an image 270 degrees.  You will receive an error to free up some memory even though there is enough available.
Cannot cancel a scan; it will still scan the image anyway.
Cannot scan with an Automatic Document Feeder.

Microtek ScanMaker II/III

Cannot cancel a scan; it will still scan that image anyway.

Ricoh IS/ FS2/ IBM 2456

Rotation of scanned image produces very poor results.  You cannot rotate an image 270 degrees.
You cannot scan at less than 100 DPI.  You will receive a message stating that an error occurred while trying to create scan buffers and to free some memory.  This happens in Paint 7 as well.

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