Corel Media Folders 8/Album Converter Readme Notes

An Album Converter is provided in the Graphics Utilities folder for converting older Corel Mosaic 5.0 catalogs/libraries, Corel Gallery and Corel Multimedia Manager Albums to Corel Media Folders 8 format. Double-click the Album Converter to convert the files to a Corel Media Folder.

The Corel Media Folder Indexer helps you find files using the Text Search method. The Indexer stores the keywords and notes in a file that is activated when you perform a Text Search.  To have control over this file you can choose a Corel Media Folder folder, subfolder, or file and right click to select Index, Delete. The keywords and notes created for the selected item, will be deleted from the Indexer file.

The Indexer can be set to run manually or automatically. To run the Indexer automatically, you can preset it to update its keywords and notes file periodically. To update the indexer manually, you can right click the folder or file whose indexing you want to update. Choose Index, Update to update the indexer on the newly added keywords and notes. The Text Search method can't be used until the Indexer is run on keywords and notes.

The Corel Media Folder Indexer will run during an uninstall to convert any of the Media Folders you have created to normal Windows folders.

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