Corel PHOTO-PAINT 8 Revisions (RevB)


File I/O
Some Third Party Plugins were causing I/O read error or application instability with File - Open
File - Open dialogue - Connecting to password protected Network drives in Windows NT4 was causing application instability
CDR/CDX import in Windows NT4 was causing a memory error and opening as a blank file if files were saved without presentation exchange data
CompuServe GIF bitmap export filter did not support Notes field in File - Save/As
Enabling "Mask area outside objects" option in the Import into Bitmap dialogue when opening files caused images with objects to open without the objects.
Fixed major memory leak with opening and saving files
Memory errors when opening large TIFF files with alpha channels saved in Adobe(R) PhotoShop(R)
TIFF images with alpha channels could not be opened in QuarkExpress(TM)
Added support for paths in the Adobe(R) PhotoShop(R) PSD filter.
Selecting image colour for Transparency with 1bit B&W or 8bit Grayscale movies in the GIF Animation export dialogue caused application instability
Fixed problem with saving CPT image with more than 16 guidelines
Addressed display issue in the Movie Partial load dialogue
Fixed several link problems with Import/Export Plugins
Addressed Versions issue in which older instances of Versions were causing application instability with PHOTO-PAINT.
Fixed single versus multi-document printing issues
Fixed problems with Edit - Copy/Paste causing application instability
Fixed memory error when performing in-place-edit of a Paint object while still having a separate instance of Paint open
TIFF images inserted as objects into DRAW were causing memory errors where PHOTO-PAINT was the OLE server
Improved bitmap conversion for DRAW objects pasted from the clipboard
Addressed instability with dragging and dropping paletted objects to the desktop
Improved handling of Scrap files
Copying opened Vector/Metafiles in Paint to the clipboard and creating new documents from the clipboard data was giving invalid DPI values.
Disabled the ability to change PHOTO-PAINT 8 memory settings while in an In-Place-Edit 
Image - Stitch function was not supporting object clip masks
Fixed problem with Image - Stitch function stitching the transparency background of a no-background image into the newly stitched image
Improved color accuracy in Image - Histogram
Image - Adjust - Tone Curve: null button was not resetting the curve while in Gamma mode
Image - Adjust - Replace Colors: fixed memory error when selecting colors outside of the image area
Effects - Noise - Remove Moire: fixed problem with image corruption when repeatedly moving slider and previewing
Fixed corruption when using the PhotoLab plugin with irregular objects
Preview in the PhotoLab plugins were sometimes displaying an erroneous shadow around objects
Fixed refresh problem with grids after closing some Effects dialogues
Fixed progress meter display with Effects - Noise - Remove Moire
Objects were being cut off in Effects - 2D - Offset if the objects were partially off the image
Fixed the "Initialize filters at start-up" option for Plugins
Fixed behavioural problem with KPT(TM) 3.0 effect filters and the Object Docker
Addressed issue with Auto FX Photo/graphic Edges not applying correctly with a blur inset.
Unsharp Mask and Emboss effects only accept integers in the slider edit fields. Previously the would incorrectly accept decimals.
Gaussian blur has been sped up for large radii.
Mask overlay feature was getting turned off when using the Interactive Fill tool
Selecting Color Mask function when active on a lens caused application instability
Image was not being considered modified when a new channel was added in the Channels Docker.
Fixed problem with object clip masks moving after changing the paper size of the image
Defringe command was not working with 16bit grayscale or 48bit RGB images
Lens transform moves were not always undoing correctly
Fixed problem with merge modes being inaccessible in the Object Docker for lenses of existing files. Problem did not affect new lenses
Fixed problem with Align and Distribute function and grouped objects causing the grouped objects to loose their positional relationship
Disabled "To active" object function in the Align and Distribute dialogue when only one object exists in the image
Fixed lens redraw issues
Fixed problem with nudging objects after transformations while at high zoom levels causing erratic object shifts
Fixed busy cursor issue with the Deskew Crop tool after cropping to selection
Fixed precession issues with the Deskew Crop tool and Info Roll-Up
Fixed several transform issues with the Deskew Crop tool
Brushes - Brush properties for B&W images has been corrected
Midpoint slider on the Interactive Fill and Object Transparency Tools was not getting recorded in the Undo List
Fixed problem with the More button in Uniform Fill color dialogue accessed from the Edit - Fill dialogue
Improved performance of some Effect brush tools with CMYK and Lab images
Fixed problem with Texture Fill losing default preset in the Edit - Fill dialogue
Fixed problem with Bitmap Fill preview in the Edit - Fill dialogue becoming Xed out and causing application instability
Preview for the Line Tool in the Tool Settings Roll-Up was not displaying transparency
Disabled menu functions while in Apply mode for objects, Masks, and Fills 
Addressed clone source issue when cloning on an alpha channel
Addressed several minor issues with the Interactive Fill tool
Clone Tool's Reset Origin function was being disabled by Clone from Saved tool
Fixed minor issues with the Property bar functionality
Holding the Alt key down while resizing a selection from a corner node, with the Crop Tool or Pick Tool, now allows the selection to be resized non-proportionally.
Interactive editing of Texture fills was added to the Interactive Fill Tool. This fill can now be edited in the same interactive method as the Bitmap Pattern Fill.
Interactive editing of Texture fills was added to the Interactive Transparency Tools. This transparency can now be edited in the same interactive method as the Bitmap Pattern Transparency.
Drop Shadow on-screen UI no tracks properly and accurately with the mouse.
Dockers & Roll-Ups
Fixed problem with color values changing when refreshing the Color Roll-Up
Corrected Info Roll-Up's color values for CMYK images while viewing individual color channels
Fixed problem with Brush Symmetry Roll-Up causing application instability when changing centering dimensions after closing an image.
Generating thumbnails in two Scrapbook dockers simultaneously was causing application instability 
Color Roll-Up color model was not changing to RGB after conversion to 48bit RGB from any non-RGB image
Adjustable height of Docker windows has been fixed
Improved error checking with FTP Docker
Improved the information display in the Info Roll-Up both in measurement and color display
Undoing Movie - Create from Document was causing application instability when more than one document was open
Disabled play option for movies that are only one frame long 
Overlay Frame dialogue not refreshing after image color depth conversion which also lead to application instabilities when saving the movie 
Addressed problems with previewing and saving movies with frame rates less than one frame per second.
Fixed problem with movie files being truncated when saved after using movie command - Insert from File.
Creating movies from partial loaded images was causing application instability
Disabled image conversion option that should have been unavailable on a partially loaded animation.
Options & Customization
Tools - Options: Adjusting Color Management settings then changing Workspaces and re-selecting Color Management would cause application instability
AutoSave feature caused application instability when autosave prompt appeared while the on-screen palette was expanded
Addressed low swap space condition causing application instability
Fixed some hotkey conflicts
Removed redundant menu item: Tools Menu - Roll-Up Groups
Addressed nib read-only warning error with workspaces
Show Rulers option Tools - Options now functions correctly
Improved workspace handling of plugins
Replaced outdated menu configuration file for one of the workspaces
Added color correction toggle option for View Menu in Tools - Options - Customize - Menus
General Application
Improved application refresh in 256 color Windows display environment
Disabled the display of SmartHeap error messages to avoid problems caused by Third Party applications hooked into PHOTO-PAINT.
Addressed some script operation issues 
Fixed issue with images created via scripts not having units
Addressed many What's This Help and Help button link problems 
Revised some of the technical content in the On-Line Help
Tutors - fixed scrolling problem which caused the images in the Tutor to disappear
Tutors - addressed some wording issues
Fixed link problem with Technical Support Help in Paint only installs 
Addressed some tooltip help focus problems
Updated URL links in Corel on the Web


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