OCR-TRACE 8 Revisions (RevB)

The color palette now displays properly using a 256 driver. 
Color correction is now on by default. 
No longer receive error after converting image to greyscale or b/w if 'maintain original image size' is turned off. 
Can now change the colour of the traced vector if image is opened more than once. 
Using multiple pages, the OCR is now done on all pages. 
CLEAR ALL - now clears traced objects. 
Toolbar is no longer greyed out when working with multiple pages. 
Pressing ESC during a multipage OCR no longer causes an error. 
In 256 color mode - colour correction ON - 24 bit image now displays properly. 
Initially opening a file with low resolution, consecutive files now open at the correct resolution 
It is possible to now open CMX saved from TRACE into DRAW or PHOTO-PAINT


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