Netscape Navigator 3.0 (Windows)


Netscape Navigator 3.0 is subject to the terms detailed in the

license agreement accompanying it.


IMPORTANT! Before going any further, please

read and accept the terms in the file LICENSE.


Release notes for this version of the Netscape Navigator are

available online. After starting Netscape, select "Release

Notes" from the "Help" menu. This will take you to the following



All the New Features and the Known Problems of this release are

listed there.

To submit bugs or other feedback, use the "How To Give Feedback"

option (also in the "Help" menu), which will take you to this URL:



Installation Instructions


* Installation

Netscape Navigator 3.0 is being distributed as both a 16-bit

Windows program and a 32-bit Windows program. Both the 16-bit

and 32-bit versions of Netscape are shipped in a Premium

package that includes Plug-ins, and a Standard package that

does not include Plug-ins.

If you are running Windows 3.x or Windows for Workgroups,

you MUST use the 16-bit Navigator even if you have Win32s

installed. If you are running Windows 95 or Windows NT,

use the 32-bit Navigator. To run the 32bit Navigator,

you MUST have a 32-bit TCP/IP stack.

Both Windows 95 and Windows NT provide built-in 32bit TCP/IP

stacks that you can setup. You can also get (32 bit) TCP/IP

software from third party vendors like Trumpet Software,

and Ftp Software.

To obtain a copy of Netscape Navigator, download one of the

self-extracting executable files into a temporary directory.

for 16-bit : n1630.exe

n1630p.exe (with Live3D and CoolTalk)

for 32-bit : n3230.exe

n3230p.exe (with Live3D and CoolTalk)

16 bit users: First double click on the self-extracting

file in the File Manager to extract the setup files,

then run "setup.exe" to install Netscape Navigator.

32-bit users, just double click on the self-extracting file

to automatically start the installation process.

* Win95 users, if you are using any versions prior to this

release, you will get multiple uninstall entries in your

Add/Remove program. If you prefer not having multiple

entries, you should do an uninstall to remove your previous

version of Netscape before you install the new release.

* The Netscape Audio Plug-in will only work if you have a sound

card installed and configured properly. It will not work

with the PC speaker driver. Please check your sound card manual

to configure the sound card.

* If you had previously installed CoolTalk Watchdog, then you must

uninstall the version you have and reboot your machine before

installing the latest version. You might experience some

problems running Cooltalk with Matrox MGA Millennium graphic

adapters using early Windows95 drivers. Make sure that you are

running version 2.22.039 or above.

* Both CoolTalk and AVI Plugins on 16-bit version of Netscape

require Video for Windows. You can download Video for Windows



* For Information about Live3D, please read the Release Notes

under "Help-->Release Notes".

* Java is enabled in 32-bit version only.

* Please delete or rename your old CACHE directory and

Netscape.hst file.

* For more information about this release, please read the release

notes under "Help -> Release Notes".




Windows 3.1, Windows 3.11, and Windows for Workgroups users:

If you are running version 1.15 or below of Win32s, you will be

unable to install the Netscape Navigator unless you upgrade to

version 1.20 (or above) of Win32s.

For more information on determining the Win32s version, obtaining

or removing Win32s, please read W32info.txt included in the

self-extracting executable.


OLE 2.02


Windows 3.1, Windows 3.11, and Windows for Workgroups users:

The Netscape 16bit Installer will install the following OLE2

files into the Windows System directory if there is no existing

DLL or if the existing DLL is older:

COMPOBJ.DLL 108544 10-10-94

MFCOLEUI.DLL 146976 1-13-95

OLE2.DLL 302592 10-10-94

OLE2.REG 27026 10-10-94

OLE2CONV.DLL 57328 10-10-94

OLE2DISP.DLL 164832 10-10-94

OLE2NLS.DLL 150976 10-10-94

OLE2PROX.DLL 51712 10-10-94

STDOLE.TLB 4304 10-10-94

STORAGE.DLL 157696 10-10-94

TYPELIB.DLL 177216 10-10-94


Running Netscape


What do I need to run Netscape Navigator?

You must have a direct Internet connection before you can use

Netscape. The ability to send and receive e-mail does not

necessarily mean you can run Netscape. There are three

requirements for Netscape Navigator:

1. A direct Ethernet connection to the net, or a dialup

SLIP or PPP account from an Internet service provider.

2. TCP/IP stack

3. Netscape Navigator software

You can get a direct connection to the Internet through a service

provider in your area. You will need to get a SLIP or a PPP

account from an Internet provider (for a dialup account).

When you have full Internet connectivity, you need to have a

TCP/IP stack, dialer, and WINSOCK.DLL file.

If you get the error message "Cannot find WINSOCK.DLL" when

running Netscape Navigator, this means your computer is looking

for the WINSOCK.DLL file which is part of the winsock package.




The Netscape installer will overwrite existing OLE2 DLLs with the

latest versions for US Windows. This will not affect 32-bit

Windows. For 16-bit Windows, the only difference between the US

and the Japanese versions are the internationalization of error

strings. Occasionally, the Japanese user may see an English

language OLE2 error message after installing Netscape. Currently,

there are no Japanese versions available for the OLE2 DLLs.

Netscape is working with Microsoft to make the Japanese version of

the OLE2 DLLs available.


Information about the Quicktime Plug-in


This part describes what you will need and how to use the

Windows version of Apple's QuickTime plug-ins for Netscape

Navigator 3.0.


Apple's QuickTime plug-in for Netscape Navigator 3.0 or

later lets you experience QuickTime content directly in the

Navigator browser window. You no longer need a "helper

application" like MoviePlayer to view QuickTime content with

Navigator 3.0. You can also view QuickTime VR Panoramas and

Objects inline, after downloading the QuickTime VR component

from Apple. As a web developer, you can control the

QuickTime playback experience through HTML commands. You can

choose to have a movie automatically played for a user, or

present a controller giving users the ability to play, stop,

fastforward, and rewind.

The QuickTime plug-in works with existing QuickTime movies,

and with movies prepared to take advantage of the plug-in's

"fast start" feature. The "fast start" feature will present

the first frame of the movie almost immediately and can

begin playing even before the movie has been completely

downloaded. The "fast start" feature saves you time waiting

for the entire movie to download, but otherwise plays just

like regular QuickTime movie.

Netscape Navigator will use the QuickTime plug-in

automatically to play any QuickTime movie while browsing the

internet. The plug-in can play many kinds of QuickTime

movies (.mov files) including movies with text, MIDI, and

other kinds of data. If you have downloaded and installed

the QuickTime VR component, it will also let you interact

with QuickTime VR Panoramas and Objects.


* A PC running Windows 95, NT, or 3.1.

* Latest version(s) of QuickTime :

- QuickTime 2.1.1 for Windows

You can download version of QuickTime from


Follow the instructions on the page to install the software.

The PC files are in ZIP format and you will need a utility

such as pkunzip to extract the software.

* Apple's QuickTime plug-in

You can obtain the QuickTime plug-in by downloading Netscape

Navigator 3.0 (http://home.netscape.com). Please make sure

you have downloaded the plug-in that is most appropriate for

the computer you are using.

* QuickTime VR

If you would like to view QuickTime VR (Virtual Reality)

Panoramas and Objects using the QuickTime plug-in, you will

need the QTVR library for Windows (QTVRW.QTC). The QTVR

software is *not* included with Netscape Navigator 3.0,

but you can download them from either the Apple QuickTime VR

site (http://qtvr.quicktime.apple.com) or the QuickTime

Software page (http://quicktime.apple.com).

On Windows, the QTVRW.QTC file must be in the WINDOWS

directory of your primary drive.

If you have never seen QuickTime VR before, be sure to stop

by Apple's QuickTime VR web page

(http://qtvr.quicktime.apple.com) to learn more about this

cool software.

* Netscape Navigator 3.0 or later

You can download Navigator 3.0 from Netscape's site at



Netscape Navigator 3.0 includes the QuickTime plug-in. When

you run Navigator 3.0, the plug-in will be ready to use.

If you are downloading the QuickTime plug-in or the

QuickTime VR components for the plug-in from Apple's web

site, you must quit Netscape Navigator and move the software

to the appropriate location (see above). When you relaunch

Navigator, the plug-in will be loaded and ready to use.

After you have downloaded and set up the software, you may

want to re-visit our

site (http://quicktime.apple.com) for additional information


* Cool sample pages that illustrate how you can

incorporate Quicktime into your web pages.

* Pointers to pages by other companies that incorporate


* Information on how to optimize your movies for playback

on the internet.

* Documentation how to customize your web pages to take

full advantage of the QuickTime plug-ins.


Q: Should Windows users download the 16-bit or 32-bit

version of the QuickTime plug-in, or both?

A: First of all, if you are using Netscape Navigator 3.0,

you do not need to download the plug-in, it is bundled with

Navigator 3.0. But beyond that, definitely *not* both.

Download the version of the plug-in that matches the version

of Navigator you are running. If you are not sure which

version you are running, look inside the PLUGINS folder in

your NETSCAPE folder. If you see Npnull16.dll, you are using

16-bit Navigator. If you see Npnull32.dll, you are using

32-bit Navigator.

Q: I am running Windows '95 (or NT). I downloaded the

QuickTime VR software (QTVRW.QTC), installed it in my

WINDOWS directory, and rebooted. But When I run Navigator

with the QuickTime VR component, I can't view QuickTime VR

Panoramas and Objects.

A: Currently there is only a 16-bit version of the QuickTime

VR software for Windows. The 16-bit version will not work

with a 32-bit (Windows '95/NT) version of Netscape

Navigator. If you would like to use the QuickTime VR

software with Navigator, you will have to download and use

the Windows 3.1 version of Netscape Navigator. When a 32-bit

version of the QuickTime VR component is available for

Windows '95/NT users, we will post it on the QuickTime web

site (http://quicktime.apple.com).

Q: I downloaded Netscape Navigator 3.0, but the QuickTime

plug-in doesn't seem to be working.

A: Navigator 3.0 lets you pick plug-ins for different types

of content, just like you pick helper apps. You may need to

pick the QuickTime plug-in in the Navigator

"Options/Helpers" dialog to make the QuickTime plug-in work.

Q: I am using a Web browser other than Netscape Navigator

3.0 and I am experiencing problems with the QuickTime


A: Currently, the QuickTime plug-in only supports Netscape

Navigator 3.0 or later.

Q. I design web pages and would like to know more about

movie controls and other capabilities of the QuickTime

plug-in. Where should I look for documentation?

A: The QuickTime plug-in provides a number of new and

exciting options for internet content providers. Please

check the documentation at http://quicktime.apple.com to

learn more.

Q: I am browsing a page with a QuickTime VR panorama and

expect that I can use the option and control (shift and

control on Windows) to zoom in/zoom out of the movie.

Likewise, with a regular QuickTime movie, I expect the arrow

keys to step through the movie a frame at a time. But the

movies don't seem to respond to keystrokes.

A: You need to select the QuickTime VR panaroma or QuickTime

movie first by clicking on it. On Windows, the arrow keys do

not work.

Q. I'd like to save some of the movies to my hard drive. How

do I do this?

A. You can click on the movie and press Command-S on the

Macintosh or Control-S on the PC to bring up a "save"

dialogue. However, this will not work for QuickTime VR

movies. To save QuickTime VR movies go to the Navigator 3.0

menu, select Options/General Preferences/Helpers, then

select QuickTime from the list and choose Edit. At this

point, you'll be presented with a few options, all will work

for saving QuickTime VR files.

In case of trouble:

If you run into difficulties or have comments, please let us

know by sending e-mail to either:

Installation problems: webmaster@quicktime.apple.com

Comments/bug reports for the plugins: quicktime.apple.com

Please be sure to let us know which version of the plug-in

you are using (Mac or Windows) and which operating system

(which system software or version of Windows) you are

running. Because of the heavy traffic on the QuickTime

pages, we may not be able to respond to your e-mail

individually. We appreciate your feedback!

We hope you enjoy the QuickTime plug-in!


Known Bugs


* Please check the Release Notes for a complete list of known

bugs. Release Notes are available at the following URL:


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