Netscape Communicator 4.61




Netscape Communicator is subject to the terms detailed in the license

agreement accompanying it.


Before installing Communicator 4.61, be sure to read the Release Notes,

which describe known problems and installation issues:




To submit bugs or other feedback, from the Help menu choose Product

Information and Support.




Installation Instructions




* Installation


To run Communicator, you MUST have a 32-bit TCP/IP stack.

Both Windows 95 and Windows NT provide built-in 32-bit TCP/IP

stacks that you can set up. You can also get TCP/IP

software from third-party vendors, such as Trumpet Software

or Ftp Software.


To obtain a copy of Netscape Communicator, download one of the

self-extracting executable files into a temporary directory.


For Communicator Base:

cb32e461.exe (standard installation with export encryption)

cb32d461.exe (standard installation with domestic encryption)


For Communicator Complete:

cc32e461.exe (includes multimedia plug-ins with export encryption)

cc32d461.exe (includes multimedia plug-ins with domestic encryption)


For Communicator Enterprise with Calendar:

cp32e461.exe (export encryption)

cp32d461.exe (domestic encryption)


To start the installation process, double-click the self-extracting



* Windows 95 and Windows NT users: if you are using any version of

Communicator prior to 4.61, you will get multiple uninstall entries

in your Add/Remove program. To avoid these multiple entries,

uninstall your previous version of Communicator before you install

the new release.


* The Netscape Audio Plug-in only works if you have a sound

card installed and configured properly. This plug-in does not work

with the PC speaker driver. To configure the sound card, check the

documentation that came with your sound card.


* If you previously installed CoolTalk Watchdog, you need to

uninstall the Communicator version you have and restart your

system before installing Communicator 4.61. You might experience

problems running Cooltalk with Matrox MGA Millennium graphic

adapters using early Windows 95 drivers. Make sure that you are

running version 2.22.039 or later.


* If you uninstalled an earlier version of Communicator, restart

your system before installing the latest version of Communicator.

Restarting deletes old Communicator files that may exist.

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