CyberMedia® Oil ChangeÔ

Version 2.5


Thank you for purchasing CyberMedia Oil Change--our newest product for

keeping Windows PC users up-to-date on the latest fixes and improvements

for all their software--via the Internet!


Oil Change is designed to allow you to quickly locate, get information about,

download, and then install updates to the Windows 95 and Windows 98 software

and hardware you already own. This is an easy way to keep your computer

products up-to-date without putting in a lot of time tracking down information

from several different manufacturers. Oil Change does the work--you get the



Oil Change identifies the products installed on your computer and then

searches for the latest updates and enhancements available on the Internet.

If any updates are available, Oil Change then offers to retrieve the new

software and replace the old, obsolete files and configuration settings for

you automatically. Before deciding to download an update, you can find out

exactly what the update will do for you, described in common, everyday

language. And whenever possible, Oil Change will back up your existing

software before installing the update!


New Feature! Pop-up Notification when a new, important Update is available.


You can tell Oil Change which products on your computer are important

to you, and Oil Change can periodically scan the Internet to notify you

when updates for these products become available. You can set several

different notification events, including a pop-up message or even have

the update automatically downloaded to your computer.


Benefit: Never miss an important update for the software or hardware you

rely on. Oil Change will politely notify you when an update you want to

know about immediately is available on the Internet.


New Feature! Download the Updates you choose in the background or at night.


Download the updates at any time of the day or night. You can even download

updates while you are using your computer to do something else, such as surf

the net, play your favorite computer game, or work on that spreadsheet for

your boss.


Benefit: You have complete control over when Oil Change works for you. You

can use your computer for other things while updates are downloading in the

background. If you have just one phone line in your home, you can get the

most out of it by allowing your computer to work on the Internet at night

when no one is using the phone.


New Feature! Hide Updates you are not interested in.



Hide individual updates if you decided not to retrieve them. Also you

can remove an entire product you are not interested in from the Oil Change

update list. You can always unhide these items if you change your mind.


Benefit: See the updates for just the products you are interested in. This

shortens the update list and helps you quickly focus on the updates that

mean the most to you. Remove shareware, beta software, or other software you

are not interested in or just do not want to retrieve.


New Feature! Undo multiple updates.


You can Undo one update for each product that Oil Change installs

automatically. The Undo features reverses all the modifications

performed during the update. Oil Change backs up any files that were

copied over or deleted along with any changes to the Windows Registry.

The Undo safety net even covers shared Windows files.


Benefit: Increases your safety net. You can safely remove the updates you

retrieved and installed with Oil Change. This allows you to try out an

update confident in the knowledge that you can remove it if the update does

not live up to your standards. The Undo backup files are even compressed to

help save disk space.


Note: Oil Change cannot install some updates automatically. You will have

to install those yourself using the installation instructions that the

manufacturer includes with the update. This is generally referred to as

manual installation, and Oil Change cannot undo updates that you manually



New Features! Oil Change is now even more convenient.


Oil Change can restart a failed download where it left off, rather than

starting from the beginning. Oil Change can even redial your ISP if you

aren't connected already. It will even remind you of updates you have

downloaded, but have not installed yet.


Note: This feature works only if Oil Change is downloading the update

from a HTTP 1.1 server. HTTP 1.1 is a server protocol that controls how

information is sent over the Internet.


Benefit: Save time and avoid frustration when the Internet is busy by

restarting downloads that did not finish completely. Just download the

part that is missing, not the entire file. Dialing your phone and reminding

you of updates you may have forgotten you retrieved are just two more of the

examples of the ways Oil Change has been made easier to use.


Protecting your privacy.


Oil Change is non-intrusive. It keeps your sensitive data private. The

list of products and available updates that Oil Change creates never leaves

your computer! The CyberMedia ActiveHelp server, where all the update

information is kept before it is downloaded to your computer, is a

secure database that cannot be viewed by connecting to the CyberMedia Web

site--only Oil Change can access the server. Your registration and user

profile information is kept on another secure CyberMedia server.


Accessing the Internet



To use Oil Change, you must have an Internet connection because Oil Change

relies on the Internet to connect to the CyberMedia ActiveHelp Server and

to the Oil Change home page. Some networks have an Internet connection that

you can use by connecting to the network--either directly or through dial-up

networking. If you don't connect through a network, your computer must

have a modem installed. You can establish an Internet connection through an

ISP such as Netcom or Earthlink. An ISP acts as a middle man between you and

the Internet. Your computer connects (using your modem) to the ISP's equipment,

which in turn connects to the Internet. You may also be connected to the

Internet through an online service such as America Online or CompuServe.


In addition, you must also have a browser. A browser is software, such as

Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer that allows you to view

text and graphics and download files from Web sites. America Online 3.0 for

Windows 95 and CompuServe Interactive 3.0 both include browsers that are

compatible with Oil Change.


Troubleshooting tips


If you get an InstallShield error #42 or error #301 when running the Oil

Change Setup program, the problem may be that your temporary directory is

not configured properly. To check your current temp environment variables,

open an MS-DOS prompt, type SET, and press Enter. Write down the directory

or directories that are associated with "TMP=" and "TEMP=". Please note

that it is common for both of these variables to point to the same directory!

Verify that the directories exist and that they do not contain any files or

subdirectories. To rectify the install problem if the directories exist,

delete all files and subdirectories in the TEMP and TMP directories and run

SETUP again. To rectify the problem if the directories do not exist, simply

create the directories.


You may notice that the Setup program performs sluggishly if you have too

many applications running on your PC. Try closing some applications and

running SETUP again to improve the performance.


If Oil Change generates an error message while scanning your system for

applications and drivers, you will need to clear the temporary cache that

Oil Change uses to store information. To clear the cache, click the More

button on the main Oil Change window and click Options. Click the Cache

tab and click the Clear button.


If you receive an error in the rare case that you wish to uninstall Oil

Change, simply reinstall Oil Change and select the Uninstall Oil Change

shortcut from the CyberMedia Oil Change group on the Start Programs Menu.

Oil Change will be completely removed from your system.


If you receive an error message when trying to connect to the CyberMedia

server, please verify that you are currently connected to the Internet.


Oil Change uses the Internet not only to download updates, but to let Oil

Change users register with CyberMedia and subscribe to the full version of

Oil Change. If you've been using a browser on the Internet, you know that

problems typically occur when you attempt to connect to a site or download

files. These same problems can occur when Oil Change accesses the Internet.

Usually, problems are temporary and are caused by heavy network or

internetwork traffic, or a server that is temporarily down for maintenance.

If Oil Change alerts you to a problem with connecting to a site, wait a short

time before trying again. In the case of a very popular update, you may have

to try several times before Oil Change successfully connects to the required

site. If an update takes an unusually long time to download, you can cancel

the update and try again later.


For additional troubleshooting information, please refer to the

Troubleshooting topic in the online help.



Technical Support


The following are numbers and addresses to be used for Technical

Support. These numbers and address are subject to change without


Telephone support: (310) 581-4710 (7:00am -5:00pm Pacific Time

Monday through Friday)

CompuServe: Go CyberMedia

America Online: Keyword: CyberMedia

Internet email:

World Wide Web:

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