Painter 5.5 Web Edition Readme


Thank you for purchasing Painter 5.5 Web Edition!

We wish you hours of fun and creativity with this

new release of the world's leader in Natural-Media(R)

image creation.




* Special gift when you register

* Serial number

* Stock photography

* Cool "stuff"

* New brushes

* Web color set

* Known problems

* Photoshop compatibility

* Learning Painter

* Technical support




After you’ve purchased your copy of Painter 5.5 Web Edition,

you’ll want to fill out the on-line form at As a special gift to you,

we’re providing you with 400 more web-ready images and a

sample training video from Total Training featuring Jeremy

Sutton demonstrating Painter 5.5 Web Edition and other

Painter techniques. (Note: sample video available for

US and Canadian users only, while supplies last.)




If you are upgrading from a previous release of Painter,

please use your previous Painter serial number to activate

Painter 5.5 Web Edition. We strongly suggest that you locate

your serial number before installing the new version.




You will find 100 royalty-free images from Vivid Details,

Inc. on the Painter 5.5 Web Edition CD-ROM. For use and

licensing information, see License.txt in Photos directory.

To quickly view the photography collection, open up

the Photos.pdf file in the same directory.




Just because you've installed Painter 5.5 Web Edition

doesn't mean you have all the cool "stuff" there is to

be had. On the Painter 5.5 Web Edition CD-ROM there are

several folders/directories that contain photos, web-

ready images, additional brushes, patterns, etc.


In the Learning directory, you will find several PDF

files, including LearningPainter.pdf, a concise guide to

available learning tools for Painter.


In the Stuff directory, you will find additional brushes,

Colors, Floaters, Grads, Interface, Lighting, Movies,

Nozzles, Papers, Patterns, Photos (as mentioned above),

Scripts, Select, Weaves, and the new Web Content.




Painter 5.5. Web Edition includes two new Brush Libraries:


* WebMedia Brushes

* Calligraphic Brushes


You can access them from the Shortcut to New Brushes palette.

If you want to see examples of each brush stroke, use Painter¹s

Browse feature to view them.


Calligraphic Sample Script


To see the Calligraphic Brushes in action, use the

Calligraphic Script to check them out!


1. Load the Calligraphic Brushes library from the Shortcut

to New Brushes Palette.


2. Select the SuperCalligraphic Script from the Script

pop-up menu (located on the Objects Palette:Scripts).


3. Select any of the Calligraphic Brush variants, press the

Play Script button, and watch!


You can play that script to watch any selected Calligraphic

brush (or any brush) in action.




Painter 5.5 Web Edition includes a new Color Set for the Web,

called "PainterColors-Web". It is in the Extra Art Materials

folder inside the Painter 5.5. application folder.




1. TIFF export

When you export slices of an image in TIFF format, the resultant

image files are referenced in the HTML table generated by

Painter 5.5 Web Edition. However, at this time Web browsers

do not display TIFF files, and therefore your HTML file

will not display the TIFF images. The exporting of TIFF

is provided for users who wish to modify the sliced images

in another image editing program.


2. Using spaces in image file names

Even though Painter 5.5 Web Edition allows you to export

image slices as two or more words, it is highly recommended

that you do not use spaces in any image sliced file names.


3. "Cancel" button in Image Slicer and Dynamic Text dialog boxes

When using the Image Slicer or Dynamic Text, clicking on

the "Cancel" button will revert your slices or text to the

state the plug-in was in when called for the first time

(that is, completely blank).


4. If your image contains shapes that have not been

committed to floaters, you may notice slower performance

when using the Image Slicer and Dynamic Text plug-ins.


5. Painter 5.5 Web Edition may not properly launch after

using Netscape Navigator on Windows. This happens only if

you quit using Netscape Navigator and then launch Painter

5.5 Web Edition. You may want to leave Netscape Navigator

running in the background when in use in conjunction with

Painter 5.5 Web Edition. If you encounter problems, quit

Painter and restart Windows.


6. When using a dynamic plug-in floater, such as the

Image Slicer, Windows users should use their right mouse

menu to paste into a text box. After you successfully

paste using this method, click once in the text box

with the left mouse button.


7. When using the Stretch feature in Dynamic Text,

double-clicking on the Stretch icon to revert will only

revert the VH (Vertical/Horizontal) ratio, but not

revert the point size.




Painter 5.5 Web Edition supports opening and saving Adobe

Photoshop® 2, 3, 4, and 5 (with layers and paths) and

acquiring and exporting Illustrator® (with vectors) files.


If you have created a Photoshop 5 file using the new Type

layer with text effects and open it in Painter 5.5 Web Edition,

you will lose the text effects. If you want to see the text

effects in Painter, and/or need to maintain the text

effects for future edits in Photoshop, you may want to try

this possible work around:


1. In Photoshop 5, select the text layer and duplicate it.

2. Make the text layer invisible by clicking the eye icon next to it.

3. Right click on the "T" in the duplicate text layer and choose

"Render Layer".

4. Save the Photoshop file.




No matter how you learn, the training tools you need are at

your fingertips. Select from video tapes and CD-ROMS,

learn on-line or by attending classes, subscribe to

Painter-specific magazines, read expert tips from any

of the well-written and illustrated books, or chat with

other users on-line. To find out more, open the Learning.PDF

file on your Painter 5.5 Web Edition CD-ROM, or navigate

your browser to




Technical Support is free* to registered users in the

US and Canada for Painter 5.5 Web Edition. If you have

not registered, please do so right away to be eligible

for support and other benefits. The fastest way to

register is via our website:


* MetaCreations does not currently charge for

technical support for Painter 5.5 Web Edition.

The only expense to the user is the telephone toll



Note: MetaCreations reserves the right to change

its support policies at any time.


International Support


If you live outside the US or Canada, please contact

the international distributor nearest you for service,

sales, and technical support. You will find a complete

list of international distributors on our website:


There are many easy options for obtaining technical

support on questions about installation, configuration

or functionality. These options are the Web, e-mail,

fax and phone support. For questions about creative technique,

please see the Creative Support section below.


You will find the answers to most of your questions

within the pages of the Painter User's Guide. If you

need further assistance, you can contact MetaCreations'

Technical Support in any of the following ways:


Web Support


Many of the answers to your questions are available

24 hours a day on our website:

In addition to frequently asked questions, our website

provides troubleshooting techniques, late breaking

product news, and other resources to get the most

out of Painter 5.5 Web Edition.


E-mail Support


To allow us to answer your technical support question

most effectively and quickly, please use the e-mail

form provided to you on our website:


Phone Support


Phone support hours are Monday­Friday, 8:00 AM­5:00 PM

Pacific Standard Time, excluding holidays.

Call (408) 430-4056. Fax (408)438-9672. Please

include your name and serial number on all correspondence.


When calling, please have your serial number handy

and be at the computer where you need assistance.


Creative Support


If you have questions regarding creative technique,

please refer to the message boards on our website:


This area is available to you to meet and talk with

other users of Painter 5.5 Web Edition to share

knowledge, technique, and inspiration.




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