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This ReadMe First document provides basic information about PhotoImpact SmartSaver. If you have any questions about how to use this product, please refer first to the program’s online help. Also, visit the PhotoImpact SmartSaver and Ulead Web Utilities pages on our web site http://www.ulead.com/products/framens.htm for FAQ updates, tips and techniques, special promotions, free software, and other useful information.

If you have purchased the standalone Full version of PhotoImpact SmartSaver from one of our distribution services, you will be able to install the program without the need to install any other applications.

Table of contents

1. System requirements
2. What is PhotoImpact SmartSaver?
3. Trial period information
4. Purchasing the retail version of PhotoImpact SmartSaver
5. Technical support
6. Providing feedback and suggestions
7. What is Ulead PhotoImpact web image editor?
8. Special Ulead PhotoImpact upgrade offer
9. Distribution program

1. System requirements

· Windows® 95 or Windows NT 3.51 or higher
· 486-DX 2/4 or Pentium-compatible systems
· 8MB main memory (16MB recommended)
· 4MB available hard drive space for program execution
· Windows-compatible pointing device
· Ulead PhotoImpact, Adobe Photoshop 3.0x/4.0, or other imaging program that supports Adobe Photoshop 32-bit Export plug-ins (highly recommended)
· True Color or HiColor display adapter and monitor (recommended)

2. What is PhotoImpact SmartSaver?
PhotoImpact SmartSaver is the fastest and easiest way to optimize images for the web. With side-by-side "before and after" image previews and file size information, you see exactly how big the file will be and how your image will look before you save. Changing settings automatically updates the file size and image previews. And when you’ve got the right balance between file size and image quality, you save as a new image. Easy, non-destructive and accurate. PhotoImpact GIF/JPEG SmartSaver gives you a highly interactive interface, dynamic "WYSIWYG" previews and state-of-the-industry technology. Add it all up and you’ve got the best web image optimization solution available today!

3. Trial period information
PhotoImpact SmartSaver Trial version is distributed free-of-charge to all users. This software installs for FREE trial use for a period of 30 days from the date of first execution.

4. Purchasing the retail version of PhotoImpact SmartSaver
You may purchase a retail Full version of PhotoImpact SmartSaver that is very similar to (or better than) the Trial version. The retail version is not time restricted and will never expire. Details about where and how to purchase this product can be found on the Ulead web site Web Utilities page (

You can order a copy of the retail version of PhotoImpact SmartSaver directly from Ulead Systems. In the USA or Canada, please contact:

Tel. #: 1-800-858-5323 (for order only)
Fax. #: (310) 523-9399

For International customers, please contact:

Tel. #: +886 2 764-8599 ext. 208

Fax. #: +886 2 764-9599

5. Technical support
For Trial version users, if you have any questions, we encourage you to read the PhotoImpact SmartSaver pages on our web site. We offer no technical support at this moment for the Trial version of PhotoImpact SmartSaver. If you discover a bug in the program, please send your report to webutility@ulead.com.tw. Necessary changes will be made and the FAQ page will be updated. We suggest you check our web site often.

Technical support for the purchased retail Full version is available via our web site (www.ulead.com or www.ulead.com.tw), email (support@ulead.com.tw), fax, or through our support centers around the world. Be sure to have your PhotoImpact SmartSaver Technical Support ID (displayed in the program’s About box) ready or include it in your email or fax.

6. Providing feedback and suggestions
Your comments and suggestions to improve our software are most welcome. Please send them to webutility@ulead.com.tw. Thank you for your time and support.

7. What is Ulead PhotoImpact web image editor?
GETTING ON THE WEB has become a top priority for individuals, groups and companies everywhere. And when you say web, you mean graphics and images. To meet the special challenges of web imaging, Ulead PhotoImpact now brings you WebExtensions, a comprehensive set of productivity tools to make imaging for the web as convenient, fast and easy as creating images for all your other documents. PhotoImpact with WebExtensions is the perfect companion for Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe PageMill and Netscape Navigator Gold.

Although very powerful, PhotoImpact SmartSaver is only a small part of the complete PhotoImpact technology. The full version of PhotoImpact includes more powerful object based image editing along with many other powerful tools, such as PhotoImpact Screen Capture, PhotoImpact Album and PhotoImpact CD Browser, to make your work easier. If you like this product, you owe it to yourself to check out the full version. (http://www.ulead.com/webex/we.htm)

PhotoImpact SmartSaver, PhotoImpact GIF Animator, PhotoImpact GIF Optimizer, WebExtensions for Photoshop, PhotoImpact Album, PhotoImpact Explorer, PhotoImpact Viewer and PhotoImpact Screen Capture are just parts of the PhotoImpact and WebExtensions technology developed for Ulead PhotoImpact with WebExtensions - the ultimate web imaging tool. If you have already purchased Ulead PhotoImpact with WebExtensions package, you already got many of these web utilities or technologies. Just don't forget to come back often to download the latest update of PhotoImpact SmartSaver, Explorer, GIF Animator, and PhotoImpact GIF Optimizer. All 1.x Evaluation or Trial versions of SmartSaver, GIF Animator, and GIF Optimizer as well as PhotoImpact Explorer 4.x version will be installed as a permanent extension to your existing PhotoImpact. So, many Web utilities are completely free to existing Ulead PhotoImpact users.

8. Special Ulead PhotoImpact upgrade offer
If you are a PhotoImpact SmartSaver Full version owner but not yet an Ulead PhotoImpact user, we offer you a very special limited time offer. You can purchase Ulead PhotoImpact with WebExtensions using a special US$75 price, directly from Ulead Systems, Inc. To place a PhotoImpact upgrade order, please call 1-800-858-5323. Make sure you know your PhotoImpact SmartSaver Technical Support ID (displayed in the plug-in module’s About box) when you call. Alternatively, you can order by fax at 1-310-523-9399 or send email info@ulead.com. Outside the USA, please contact the Ulead Upgrade Center nearest you for details and local pricing. For further details, please visit the special upgrade web page at http://www.ulead.com/products/wupgrade.htm.

9. Distribution program
If you would like to distribute PhotoImpact SmartSaver or other Ulead Web Utility products, please contact webutility@ulead.com.tw.

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