README.TXT for qME 3.0

qME Version 3.0

This is the LITE version. You may use this for your own purposes and

evaluation. Please purchase the FULL version to have unlimited program features.

This self-installing version distributed by 3D-Matrix, visit us at

Modeller, Animator, 3D Painter and 2D Texture editor

Compatible with full version of id software's Quake(TM)

Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51 and Windows NT 4.0

Author : Rene Post

email :

www :

Date : 26 May 1997

0. Disclaimer

1. Description

2. Files

3. Installation Instructions

4. Working with qME

5. Credits

6. Known Bugs and Limitiations

7. History



0. Disclaimer

Quake and id Software Disclaimer

Quake is a registered trademark of id Software. id Software is in no way

affiliated with, endorses, or frankly cares one red cent about this

program, any supplemental products, files, information, materials, or

whatever that happen to accompany this program, are available from the

makers of this program, or in any way fails to state clearly that it is an

official id Software product.




Use of this program grants you NO rights whatsoever to any protected

materials of id Software or any other third party. Namely, if you find a

source of id texture artwork, skins, or models, you use it at your own

legal risk.

WE support our product, WE care about our customers, WE will do whatever is

needed to meet your needs if at all reasonable and possible.



1. Description

qME is a 3D Modeller, Animator, 3D painter and 2D Texture editor for Quake

MDL files. MDL files contain models of monsters, weapons and other items

that are used in Quake.

The following very incomplete list of features describes what

you can do with qME:

- Create new models from prefab components.

- Edit existing vertices and triangles of existing models.

- Paint on the model in 3D and in 2D.

- View and edit 3D texture mapped animations contained in MDL files.

- Create new animation frames.

- Import and export textures to a 256 colors windows BMP file.

- Fit textures around the 3D model by adjusting 2D texture vertices.

- Create a hierarchy of interlinked objects for animation.

You can find MDL files in the PAK0.PAK and PAK1.PAK files that are

part of Quake. Both files are distributed by id software. To open a

PAK file use the tools that are freely available on the net.



2. Files

The zip file contains:

qme.exe The program, (quake palette is built-in).

readme.txt Your reading it.

demo\*.mdl Example models created completely in qME

geometry\*.* Sub directory containing prefab objects.

help\*.* Sub directory containing the manual and tutorial.



3. Installation Instructions

Run the SETUP program and let it do all the work.


4. Working with qME

Open the manual (index.html) in the help sub directory to

see what you can do with qME.

For the latest updates to tutorial and manual, take a look

at my site

or visit the fine folks at 3D-matrix


5. Credits

Thanks to Smoke for making the first version of the tutorial and

wOOpNgibs for doing most of the object library prefab objects.



6. Known Bugs and Limitations

There will probably be some bugs. Software is like that. But

any such bugs will be addressed quickly when identified.



7. History

13 mar 1996 Version 1.0

Initial release.

31 mar 1996 Version 2.0

Fixed bug in back triangle display code.

Made QuakeME 32 bits, compiled it under Delphi 2.0 environment.

Added texture mapping to the 3D view.

2 apr 1996 Version 2.1

Fixed bug in flushing textures to the screen in Windows NT 3.5.

Fixed access violation error that would occasionally occur in

texture mapped view.

10 jul 1996 Version 2.2

Compatible with shareware 0.91 and 0.92 now.

QuakeMe is backward compatible with QTest release !

Improved the UI a lot !

31 jul 1996 Version 2.3

Adding new skins made possible for Dennis Noordsij's MultiSkin.

27 oct 1996 Version 2.3a

No new executable (sorry), just a release for the people

at Quantum Axcess.

February 1997 Version 3.0 beta 1&2

Never updated the readme, so I wouldn't know when they

were released exactly

31 March 1997 Version 3.0 beta 3

A lot of new features, can't remember what exactly.

For more information look at the qME News


20 April 1997 Version 3.0 beta 4

3D painting,

Pivot moving with repspect to it's object and other pivots.


Disclaimers for id.

Weapon view preset

Changed the GUI.

Merged the toolbars.

Better selection behavior

30 April 1997 Version 3.0 beta 5

Tool properties are show in a separate window.

Key-frame animation,

Joint Track Editor

Fixed bugs introduced with the beta 4 GUI restructuring.

16 May 1997 Version 3.0 beta 6


Creating shaded skins.

Bug fixes for beta 5 release.

Better zooming, use both mouse buttons down to zoom in and out.

26 May 1997 Version 3.0

Version 3.0 full retail and lite release.

Color range exclusion and bug fixes.

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