Corel Quattro Pro Release Notes

Rev. 05/02/96


This file contains important information--please read all of it.

All information here supersedes information in the User's Guide.

Table of Contents


1. Installation Issues

2. Using Existing IDAPI Settings

3. Corel Quattro Pro Documentation

4. Using Corel Quattro Pro Demos

5. PerfectScript Conversions

6. Dialog Designer

7. Add-ons from Village Software

1. Installation Issues


When installing Corel Quattro Pro on a workstation, IDAPI.CFG is

not installed to workstations; it remains in the \COREL\OFFICE7

server directory and is read-only. To install the file,

the network administrator can remove the read-only attribute

from the file, copy the file to each workstation, then have the

workstation user set the Paradox NET DIR setting using the

IDAPI Configuration Utility.

2. Using Existing IDAPI Settings


To incorporate your existing IDAPI aliases into the 32-bit

version of IDAPI used by Corel Quattro Pro, use the IDAPI

Configuration Utility to merge the existing IDAPI.CFG file

with the new 32 bit IDAPI.CFG file. See section 1 of this file

for more information on installing IDAPI.CFG during a network


3. Corel Quattro Pro Documentation


The complete Corel Quattro Pro User's Guide is available as an

Envoy document on your Corel WordPerfect Suite CD-ROM.


4. Using Corel Quattro Pro Demos


When viewing Corel Quattro Pro Demos, use a 256-color display

driver in Windows 95 for best results.

5. PerfectScript Conversions


If you are converting Corel Quattro Pro macros to PerfectScript

macros, the following Corel Quattro Pro macro commands must be

replaced by the corresponding PerfectScript commands:

Corel Quattro Pro PerfectScript


{ABS} AbsoluteReference()

{ASSIGN} AssignValue()

6. Dialog Designer


There are three new dialog controls in Corel Quattro Pro 7

that are not handled by older 6.x versions. If you use the

Tab control in Corel Quattro Pro 7 and save the file as a

version 6.x file (.WB2), the file will not load into Corel

Quattro Pro 6.x. The Color and File Selection controls if

saved to a version 6.x file will load into Corel Quattro

Pro 6.x but the controls will not appear on the dialogs.

7. Add-ons from Village Software


Village Software(R) provides a full line of quality add-ons for

Corel Quattro Pro and Corel WordPerfect Suite. These products

perform a variety of business and financial tasks, and may fit

your needs well if you are looking to get more value out of your

new suite.

Village's FastAnswer(R) line of Quattro add-ons has won dozens

of industry awards. This line of professional-level decision-

support tools includes:

Fast-Cast for Ventures (financial projections, US$69.95)

Ratio Evaluator (financial ratio analyzer, US$69.95)

Lease vs. Purchase (investment decision support, US$69.95)

Net Worth Builder (personal net worth calculator, US$69.95)

All these FastAnswers go considerably more "in-depth" than

Quattro's built-in Quick Templates. For a limited time,

Village Software will take 25% off the price if you buy 2 or

more FastAnswers. Call 1-800-724-9332 and mention discount

code Q35C4. Prices may vary after 3/31/97.

In addition to FastAnswers, Village Software also offers

FastStarts(TM) -- simpler, Quick Template-like products for

Corel Quattro Pro and Corel WordPerfect Suite. Our FastStart

Office Pack (US$29.95) contains over a dozen templates.

Village Software maintains electronic product catalogs on

America Online (keyword "village") and the World Wide Web

( You may also request a paper

catalog by calling 1-800-724-9332.

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