Readme for The Lotus SmartSuite/1-2-3 97 Interim Update program


1-2-3 Updates

The following update to 1-2-3 addresses problems that Lotus discovered during continuous quality testing. Although our customers have not reported these problems, Lotus has corrected them.

Updates to @functions

This update fixes problems in four @functions:
@IRR (Internal Rate of Return)
@MIRR (Modified Internal Rate of Return)
@NPV (Net Present Value)
@NSUM (Summation of every Nth value)

In some cases, if an input range contains blank or empty cells, these @functions might produce incorrect results . If there are no blank or empty cells in the range, these @functions produce correct results.

Updates to Evaluation

This update also fixes a problem with evaluating values. In some cases, values from 67107841 * 10n to 67108863 * 10n (where n is an integer) are not evaluated correctly when another cell references the value, or specific operations act on the value.

Freelance Graphics Updates

The update to Freelance Graphics provides a new filter for JPEG files. The new filter lets you import JPEG files directly into your presentations. The update also includes modifications to TeamMail, as well as improvements to chart display and print support.

Approach Updates

Lotus has improved ODBC and SQL support in Approach. If you connect to ODBC data sources and/or use Approach to generate SQL , then you should download this update. Exporting data via an Approach macro has also been improved.

Word Pro Updates

Continuous quality testing has allowed Lotus to offer important modifications to Word Pro. The following update includes enhancements to print support, as well as improvements to Word Pro file filters. Lotus has added a document viewer and import filter for Lotus Notes 4.x, in addition to a document viewer for cc:Mail. These files allow you to view and/or import documents created in both Word Pro 96 and Word Pro 97.

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