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Data Beam

March 2004 The Independent Journal of the eBay Community FREE EDITION

Data Beam --
Fat Tuesday & Friday
Rule eBay Auction Sales

WHAT DAY of the week is best for ending eBay auctions? eBayists have been arguing about this one for years, and it seems that everyone has a answer and an angle. Now HammerTap, which was recently acquired by Bright Builders, has thrown fresh fuel on the fire with a screen shot it released in anticipation of the new version of HammerTap DeepAnalysis. The screen shot above depicts an analysis of around 10,000 eBay auctions showing nearly 60% of all eBay auction sales taking place on Fridays. This isn't too surprising in a way, if you accept the Weekend Principle, but there is one bit of unexpected information glittering in the Data Stream -- the Auction Success Rate was highest by far on Tuesdays! In fact, the Tuesday Auction Success Rate was nearly 70%, or nearly double the Friday rate.

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