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May 2004 The Independent Journal of the eBay Community FREE EDITION

eBay Seller Spotlight --
$6K Profit On eBay A Day

By Oracleu2

I SPECIALIZE in blowing out stuff starting all bids at a penny. I look for items that you can blow out say 15-20 items per day per account using 10-15 accounts. That way you are pushing out 200-300 items a day with a $10 or $20 or more profit per item.

Items that sell one a day or 3 a week do not interest me. I am always looking for popular items that have at least 100-300% margin.

The Abtronics last year was a good product. They were $7 in China. We were selling them for $25-$45 on eBay. At the height we were moving over 500 a day using many different selling accounts.

Using DeepAnalysis or AuctionIntelligence all anyone saw was a bunch of sellers all doing very low volume. There are many products like that on eBay. You did see high volume Abtronics sellers but that was because that seller used one account to blow out all his/her inventory.

There's an item right now on eBay that costs $90 in China. It sells for an average of $300 on eBay. Most of them start it from a penny and many sellers also include some "Buy It Now" auctions in their store. Last month over $2,000,000 gross worth of this product was sold on ebay by about 1,000 sellers.

The #1 top eBay seller of this product accounted for about 10% of the sales ($200,000). All the other sellers selling smaller amounts took up the rest. How many of those smaller sellers are selling the item under various accounts to fly low and avoid the radar? What are those "smaller" sellers grossing??

I'll leave it up to you to find that product. That's what I do for 18 hours a day.

* * *

Editor's note: Oracleu2 is just one of the handles used by this large eBay seller.

News Feed...

eBay recently bullied another company out of business. Two months ago we reported how eBay forced the owner of innovative Hammertap to sell the company to someone else. Now eBay has forced startup GoHook to shutter its service. Users of eBay employed GoHook to archive their past eBay auctions on its site. Although it almost certainly was in the legal right, tiny GoHook threw in the towel against giant eBay without a fight when eBay objected to GoHook's customers' use of "its" information. After eBay objected, GoHook closed and sent email to customers saying it didn't have the resources or inclination to fight eBay. See for more info...

* * *

A 23-year-old Sonoma, CA, man was arrested last month for allegedly bilking people of $100,0000 in fraudulent vehicle sales on eBay. According to authorities, Cody Blaine Hill posted bogus car and truck ads on eBay, then contacted bidders just before the auctions closed, asking them whether they wanted to buy the vehicles directly from him. The buyers reportedly negotiated a price with Hill and were told to wire money to him in a transaction that was independent of eBay. See
for more info...

* * *

When William Duthie flew to the U.S. from Scotland to take posession of the three-bedroom house in Buffalo, NY, he bought on eBay for $15,339, he discovered that the person who sold it to him didn't actually own the house. Buffalo Police report a recent epidemic of similar problems. See
for more info...

* * *

A German postal worker last month admitted stealing packages he was supposed to deliver and instead auctioning the contents on eBay. See
for more info...

* * *

A Collegeville, PA, man was arrested last month on charges that he sold stolen military items on eBay. Pennsylvania State Police said Patrick Joseph Bradley, 32, sold at least seven body-armor vests on eBay. More than 150 people are suspected of selling hundreds of pieces of stolen military body armor on eBay for $200 to $1,000 a piece, according to federal prosecutors and Department of Defence investigators. See
for more info...

* * *

EchoStar Communications has filed a lawsuit in Canada accusing Booker Cornea of Regina, Saskatchewan, of selling satellite piracy equipment through eBay. EchoStar operates the DISH Network. See
for more info.

* * *

Sophie B. Hawkins (who is probably best known for her 1994 song, “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover”) won a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court last month against an unnamed merchant who was selling promotional copies of her latest CD on eBay for as much as $300. (You go, Sophie! Bite your fans -- all three of them. Ooops, you've only got two left now!) See
for more info...

* * *

An Athens, OH, man's computer, external disk drive, and some paperwork and notes were seized by the Athens County Sheriff's Officers with a Search Warrant last month in connection with the sale of stolen public documents on eBay. See
for more info...

* * *

Joseph Adams, a seven-year old child living in London, England, used his mom Susan's eBay account to purchase the Wild Force Deluxe Kongazord model action toy, which retails for 37.99 British pounds (approximately $70), for an astounding 750,000 pounds (approximately $1.37 million)! Happily for Joseph's parents, the seller cancelled the sale. See
for more info...

The Wonderful &
The Weird on eBay

eAuctionTimes celebrates the amazing melange of stuff that people (try to) buy and sell on eBay...

ORBITAL DEVELOPMENT offered buyers a chance to crash a spacecraft full of their personal paraphernalia into a spot on the moon of their choice.

Item #: 3810433079
Category: 45046
Ended: 4/23/04
Bids: 0
Opening bid: $6.2 mil.
Buy It Now Price: NA
High bid: NA
Seller: orbitaldevelopment

THE SMASHED GRILL from the 1967 Citroen that "piano man" Billy Joel crashed into a house on Long Island on April 25 was offered on eBay one day later.

Item #: 3812432670
Category: 29938
Ended: 5/6/04
Bids: 77
Opening bid: $50
Buy It Now Price: NA
High bid: $1,075
Seller: slambli
Buyer: cortniexoxo

A GAME JERSEY worn (on the sidelines) by Colorado Buffaloes kicker Katie Hnida, the young woman at the center of the University of Colorado rape investigations, drew 15 bids.

Item #: 4128011059
Category: 50118
Ended: 5/5/04
Bids: 15
Opening bid: $.99
Buy It Now Price: NA
High bid: $106.50
Seller: calisportsfan4life
Buyer: vansmack11

CLIFF HAWKINS'S 2002-2003 SEC Championship Ring -- with "100 Years of Basketball" and the University of Kentucky's 19-0 SEC record on one side with "Team Supreme 32-4" on the other side of the ring -- was withdrawn after just two days, due to "an error in the listing."

Item #: 2796497505
Category: 50118
Ended: 3/23/04
Bids: 0
Opening bid: $1,100
Buy It Now Price: NA
High bid: NA
Seller: ukmanager2
Buyer: NA

THIS CUBAN refugee escape boat, the ReyMar, was abandoned on Key Largo in February and offered on eBay for $749.99 in April. "What a conversation piece!" declared the listing.

Item #: 2469746680
Category: 26434
Ended: 4/4/04
Bids: 0
Opening bid: $749.99
Buy It Now Price: NA
High bid: NA
Seller: casabonitakeys
Buyer: NA

EXCLUSIVE SPONSORSHIP and branding rights for the American Team in the next America’s Cup to be held in Valencia, Spain, in 2007, was offered with a Buy It Now price of $31 million.

Item #: 2473866505
Category: 26433
Ended: 4/23/04
Bids: 10
Opening bid: $18 million
Buy It Now Price: $31 million
High bid: $20 million (Reserve Not Met)
Seller: 2007ac
Buyer: NA

AFTER DOZENS of bids as high as $10 million were withdrawn or thrown out as frauds, this 580-ton drill used to bore the Euro Tunnel under the English Channel sold for less than $100.

Item #: NA
Category: NA
Ended: 4/12/04
Bids: 81
Opening bid: NA
Buy It Now Price: NA
High bid: $71.34
Seller: NA
Buyer: steddenem

TOO MUCH! This size large wedding dress -- modelled by the bride's tattooed ex -- drew over 14 million page views and sold for nearly $4,000.

Item #: 4146756343
Category: 63851
Started: 4/23/04
Ended: 4/28/04
Bids: 113
Opening bid: $1
High bid: $3,850
Seller: horseplaypublishing
Buyer: absolutsth's
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