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Crazy Horse by Bruce Brown
"The first time I heard Crazy Horse's voice was late on the night of September 15, 2002 -- 135 years, one month and 12 days after he died."

Work in Progress!
Conversations With Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse talks about dreams, the Land of the Dead, and why American soldiers have been murdering women and children for centuries -- long before their crimes were publicized in Afganastan and Iraq.

illustration by Running Dog of the Q-morph from "The History of the Corporation" by Bruce Brown
"God, demon, servant, master, parasite or provider -- what is the corporation?"

The History of the Corporation, Vol. 1

Volume One of Bruce Brown's seminal history of the corporation explores the birth of the modern corporation and the rise of the First Dominion of the Corporation during the Dark Ages, when corporations first ruled humans.

illustration by Ed Solem from "The Windows 95 Bug Collection" by Bruce Brown
"Windows 95 is the mother of all bugs...."

The Windows 95 Bug Collection

Bruce Brown breaks ground again, this time with humorous and useful book on bugs in PC software that was put on display in the Smithsonian Institution in 1998.

illustration by Tim Curry from "Dr. Whacko's Guide to Softball" by Bruce Brown
"poodle alert at the plate...."

Dr. Whacko's Guide To Slow-Pitch Softball

An international cult favorite, this 1991 comic novel cum how-to by Bruce Brown chronicles the misadventures of a softball team called the Mouth Breathers en route to slow-pitch nirvana.

illustration from "The Miracle Planet" by Bruce Brown & Lane Morgan
"How can mountains grow, and living creatures be turned to stone?"

The Miracle Planet

Bruce Brown and Lane Morgan trace the evolution of the living earth in this lushly llustrated book that accompanied the award-winning 1989 PBS-TV series, The Miracle Planet, which Bruce Brown also wrote.

photo from "Lone Tree" by Bruce Brown
"Before December 9, 1985, the best-known landmark around Lone Tree, Iowa, was probably the neon sign on the outskirts of town... which the town fathers had procured from a failed motel of the same name..."

Lone Tree

What drives a rock-ribbed Republican and pillar of the community to brutally murder his wife, banker and neighbor in the space of an hour? In 1989, Bruce Brown's Lone Tree: A True Story of Murder in America's Heartland explored the roots of the seemingly perpetual American farm crisis.

illustration by Bruce Brown from his field notes for "Mountain in the Clouds" by Bruce Brown
"a male pink gives me the hump 8/24/79"

Mountain in the Clouds

Wild humpies cavort in the moonlight in Bruce Brown's environmental classic, Mountain in the Clouds. This excerpt from 1981 also includes previously unpublished sketches from the author's original field notes.

illustration from "The Politics of Irish Literature" by Malcolm Brown
"Retreat from Clontarf..."

Special Bonus!
The Politics of Irish Literature

Daniel O'Connell, Charles Parnell, W.B. Yeats and James Joyce are among the figures who walk again in Malcolm Brown's definitive and delightful, The Politics of Irish Literature, originally published in 1973.

George Moore by Eduoard Manet
"a lover who 'didn't kiss, but told'..."

Under Construction --
George Moore: A Reconsideration

The seminal Irish author who claimed, "I invented adultery," is definitively portrayed in Malcolm Brown's George Moore: A Reconsideration, originally published in 1955.

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