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A Trail Blazing New Way
To Get Medical Help
When You Need It...


For 100 year, the telephone has been the mainstay of doctor/patient communications in the United States. Even today, Alexander Graham Bell's invention remains ubiquitous and essential.

But not ideal. In fact, as the decades have worn on, the limitations of the telephone have become increasingly apparent. For doctors and patients both, it is often a roadblock. Have you ever gotten a busy signal calling a doctor's office? Have you ever been put on hold? Have they ever said they'd have to call you back?


Bruce Brown's design for the InTouch logo.

FCNintouch.com aims to end all that, and a lot of other difficulties as well, but using a Secure Socket Layer Web system to let doctors and their staff to communicate with patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Clearly, this service is not for everyone or all situations, because not everyone has Internet access, and for real emergencies you definitely still want to get the doctor on the phone, pronto. But for a raft of non-emergency medical, appointment scheduling, referral, and billing inquiries, FCNintouch.com is like a cool breeze in August.

On FCNintouch.com, I once again provided a wide range of services, from corporate counseling to project design and management to corporate logo and Web design. My partner, Marilyn Lewis, provided editorial services for FCNInTouch.com.

FCNInTouch.com launched in the spring of 2002. The following is a sample page from the introductory issue of the newsletter.

-- Bruce Brown






Welcome to InTouch

A new way to "talk" with your doctor without ever being put "on hold"

WE AT Family Care Network understand the inconvenience patients face when trying to reach a doctor by phone. At the same time, we often feel frustrated because bureaucratic paperwork prevents us from spending as much time with our patients as we want. Our solution to both these problems is InTouch, a service that will allow our patients to bypass the telephone, using the Internet – with security and confidentiality – to send communications to doctors and clinic staff at any time, night or day, weekend or weekday. 

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ying_mt.jpg (56300 bytes)

Hello. My name is Chao-ying Wu, MD. I am a family doctor affiliated with Family Care Network, a group of family practice specialist physicians in Whatcom County, Washington. I believe our new InTouch online service can improve your medical care.


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