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100 Voices: Sioux, Cheyenne, Arapahoe, Crow, Arikara and American Eye-witness accounts of the Battle of the Little Bighorn

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White Cow Walking's Story of the Battle
An Oglala Sioux's account of the Battle of the Little Bighorn

Interview with Walter M. Camp on September 2, 1929.



Oglala Sioux warrior Kills In The Timber by Edward S. Curtis[Fort Yates, North Dakota]
[September 2, 1929]

WHITE COW WALKING [is] 80 [years old]. [He was] in Sitting Bull's band all [the] time. All of Sitting Bull's band went to Canada. Part returned and came to Standing Rock. White Cow Walking stayed in Canada. [He] does not know why, but after the Custer massacre Gall came back [to Standing Rock] and Sitting Bull went on. Gall didn't want to fight [any] more.

Sitting Bull took part in [the] fight with Custer and Reno. Some [Indians had] arrows and tomahawks, [and] some [had] guns. [He] doesn't know what Sitting Bull had...

When Custer appeared, [there was a] call for Indians to wait. Soldiers shot first. Sitting Bull and some women fought Reno [and] then Custer. It was foretold [about the battle], but [it was] not known whether Sitting Bull's [vision was correct] or not. [We were] not prepared or camped to fight...

[White Cow Walking] took part in [the] Little Big Horn [fight] and [the] Bear Coat [fight], but [he was] young. [White Cow Walking] doubts Sitting Bull's presence [at the fighting]. [He] was told [that] Sitting Bull [was] in [the] sun dance at age of So. [He] doubts [the] part Sitting Bull took [in it]; but all [men] at age 40 to 50 who took [part in the] sun dance in Montana pierced [themselves].

White Cow Walking took part [in the Custer Fight] and will tell [about] Custer's massacre [in which he] counted coup. [His] brother [was] scalped and killed by Reno [soldiers]. [He did] not [fight] beside Sitting Bull, but [he] thinks Sitting Bull counted coup [just] as all [other] warriors. White Cow Walking was [an] Oglala under Red Cloud [and] in [the] Little Big Horn battle [fought] with Sitting Bull. Red Cloud [was] not in Little Big Horn [fight]. White Cow Walking [was] away from council of Sitting Bull's peace. [When] Custer soldiers first appeared Gall told Indians to wait [with the attack] to protect [the] women and children; then [the] soldiers fired into them, and they killed [the] soldiers all along [Calhoun] ridge....

Did [you] expect Custer?

Didn't know for sure, but [we] thought Custer [was] stationed there.

White Cow Walking [was] in Custer fight and came back, and [then] heard of soldiers (Reno) [on hill to the] south and went that way. [He] brought able-bodied horses. Lots of Indians [had been] killed. [He] had bow and arrows [and was] on horseback. [White Cow Walking] shot and killed Crow Flies High, [a] soldier scout. [Note: more confusion on the number and identies of the Seventh Cavalry scouts killed -- the scout Crow Flies High is not listed on Varnum's muster roll. See The Twisted Saga of the Seventh Cavalry's Unsung Scouts for more info.]

Many [captured] guns [were] loaded and [had] not [been] shot. [There was] too much confusion to say [the] number of whites killed by clubs. [They had] camped one day before Custer came. [He] heard of [the] sun dance [on the Rosebud], but [did] not attend. [He] heard of Sitting Bull speeches and forecasting, but [he was] with Oglalas.

Indian Views of the Custer Fight: A Source Book by Richard G. Hardorff, The Arthur Clark Co. Spokane, WA 2004, p 132 - 134


White Cow Walking was the son of Horned Horse.

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