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Artist's Proofs & Personal Editions

By Bruce Brown

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"Oranges in a Blue Bowl" by Bruce Brown

Oranges in a Blue Bowl
January 12, 2003

Artist's notes: "Oranges" is a jazz improvisation on one of the artist's oldest themes, the use of color, value and line, and how the three combine to create the illusion of form on a two-dimensional plane. In this digital watercolor painted freehand with traditional wet and dry paper techniques, I was trying to push the classic still life composition toward abstraction without losing the gravity of the real oranges.
About Artist's Proofs: These are the same prints I run for myself when I'm working on a piece. They are very handsome and will last as long or longer than a mass produced print. Each print is titled and signed by Bruce Brown.
Dimensions: "Oranges" is 11 inches by 11 inches, printed on untrimmed 13 by 19 inch Epson heavy weight watercolor paper with an ultra high resolution Epson ink jet printer.
Delivery: Via U.S. Postal Service rolled safely in a mailing tube.
Price: $79.95 U.S. total -- this price includes everything, one unframed copy of the print, shipping and handling.

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