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By Bruce Brown

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"Temple of the Sky" by Bruce Brown

Temple of the Sky
January 21, 2002

Artist's notes: "Temple of the Sky" was a beacon for me in a dark time emotionally. It isn't as polished as some of my other sky pieces from this period, but I love the outrageous, primal energy of the orange and rose hued sky against the blue mountains and the black, Rorschalk-like fir boughs. A new day dawns!
About Artist's Proofs: These are the same prints I run for myself when I'm working on a piece. They are very handsome and will last as long or longer than a mass produced print. Each print is signed by Bruce Brown.
Dimensions: "Temple of the Sky" is 10 inches by 12 inches, printed on untrimmed 13 by 19 inch Epson heavy weight watercolor paper with an ultra high resolution Epson ink jet printer.
Delivery: Via U.S. Postal Service rolled safely in a mailing tube.
Price: $79.95 U.S. total -- this price includes everything, one unframed copy of the print, shipping and handling.

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