WinZip(R) version 7.0 (SR-1)

Copyright (C) 1991-1998 Nico Mak Computing, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

For a brief description of WinZip, see the file winzip.txt.
For a list of changes in this version, see the file whatsnew.txt.

*** Installation ***

If you received this version of WinZip on a floppy disk please
follow the instructions on the disk label to install WinZip.

If you received this version of WinZip in a self-extracting
ZIP file (for example, WINZIP70.EXE), you can install it as

1 Select Run from the Taskbar Start menu
2 Type the full name of the file (for example, C:\DNLOAD\WINZIP70.EXE)
3 Press the Enter key, and follow the prompts

*** Upgrade Instructions ***

Follow the installation instructions above. You can install
this version of WinZip to the same location as a previously
installed copy of WinZip.

*** Requirements ***

This version of WinZip requires Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows
NT 4.0 or later. Some optional features require external programs.
See the documentation for details.

*** Documentation ***

For full documentation, including context sensitive help,
press the F1 key at any time while running WinZip.

*** Self-Extracting Archives ***

The online evaluation version of WinZip is distributed as a
Windows self-extracting archive created by WinZip Extractor
2.2, an optional add-on product. The documentation includes a
list of differences between WinZip Self-Extractor 2.2 and
WinZip Self-Extractor Personal Edition, which is included with
this copy of WinZip.

*** List Of Files ***

The WinZip 7.0 package consists of the following files.

README.TXT introductory information
WINZIP.TXT product overview
WINZIPFM.DLL File Manager Extension dynamic link library
WINZIP.HLP complete documentation in windows help format
WZSEPE32.EXE WinZip Self-Extractor Personal Edition
WZWIZARD.HLP wizard documentation
EXAMPLE.ZIP sample file used by tutorial
WZTUTOR.HLP documentation for tutorial
WINZIP.CNT help contents file
WINZIP32.EXE required executable
WZSHLEXT.DLL required dynamic link library
WZFM32.DLL File Manager Extension dynamic link library
WZCAB.DLL required dynamic link library
WZCAB2.DLL required dynamic link library
WZ.COM required executable
WZ.PIF required Program Information File
WZ32.DLL required dynamic link library
LICENSE.TXT license agreement/warranty disclaimer
ORDER.TXT order form
VENDOR.TXT information for Shareware Distributors
WHATSNEW.TXT list of changes in this version
FILE_ID.DIZ brief description for bulletin boards

If you did not receive all these files please contact Nico Mak
Computing, Inc. via electronic mail to,
to 70056,241 on CompuServe, or by sending postal mail to
P.O. Box 540, Mansfield, CT 06268-0540 USA.


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