The Windows 95 Kernel PowerToys


The Windows 95 kernel team got kind of jealous of all the attention the

shell team has been getting from its PowerToys, so they decided to polish

off their own personal toys and make their own web page.

Mind you, the kernel folks aren't experts at intuitive user interfaces, so

don't expect to see jumping icons and friendly things to click on. (These

are the people who do their taxes in hexadecimal.)

Conventional Memory Tracking


Not getting enough conventional memory? This device driver helps you

decipher all the memory that "mem" reports as belonging to "vmm32".

Read CONVMEM.TXT for additional information.

MS-DOS Mode Configuration Wizard Customization Tool


Teach the MS-DOS mode wizard how to install your CD-ROM drive, network,

mouse, etc. Then the next time you need to configure a game for MS-DOS

mode, you can let Windows do the work instead of having to write

CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files by hand. Read DOSWZCFG.TXT for

additional information.

Windows Time Zone Editor


A Windows 95 version of the Windows NT time zone editor. (So compatible,

it even says "Windows NT" in the title and help file.) Use this tool if

your country changes its daylight savings time switchover rules. See

TZEDIT.HLP for additional information.

Windows 95 Keyboard Remap


Annoyed by the placement of the CapsLock, Ctrl, Shift, and Alt keys on

your keyboard? Envious of your friends who have the new Microsoft

Natural Keyboard? This keyboard control panel extension lets you

fight back. After installing, go to Control Panel, Keyboard, Remap,

and set up your keyboard the way you want it.

To install, right-click the KEYREMAP.INF file and select "Install".

To uninstall, select "Key Remap" from the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel.

Windows 95 Program Monitor ("top")


Keep an eye on your memory and CPU usage with this monitoring tool.

Read the WINTOP.TXT file for more information.

Windows Logo key control for MS-DOS programs


This PowerToy lets you configure your MS-DOS game so that Windows will

ignore the Windows logo key while the game is running. Read the

DOSWINKY.INF file for more information.

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