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The Search For W2K Gold Bugs...

By Bruce Brown

"ALTHOUGH WINDOWS 2000 is still a few months away, the hunt is already on for Windows 2000 gold bugs -- that is, bugs that Microsoft has decided to live with rather than fix before the long-awaited release of its self-proclaimed flagship OS.

If past Windows experience is any indication, many Windows 2000 (W2K) gold bugs should be showing up right now in the Microsoft Knowledge Base (MSKB). With prior versions of Windows, problems that were added to the MSKB late in the beta period tended to appear in the final product as well...."

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Noted Bulgarian Hacker Exposes IE5 'Download Behavior' Privacy Peephole
-- 9/30/99
Internet Explorer 5 Rendering Engine Alters HTML Attribute Tags
-- 9/28/99
Novell Fixes Potentially Devastating Bug in NetWare 5 Update
-- 9/21/99
FTP Security Hole in Internet Explorer 5 and
Netscape 4.61 Exposes Passwords
-- 8/13/99

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