BugNet On Display In New Smithsonian Institution Exhibit

BUGNET WAS recently featured in an exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC.

BugNet's ground-breaking 1995 book, The Windows 95 Bug Collection (published by Addison-Wesley), was part of the "Computer Bugs" exhibit at the Smithsonian's Museum of American History in the spring on 1998.

"Computer Bugs" traced "bugs" back to Thomas Edison, who used the term to describe flaws in machinery during the 1870s.

The exhibit included numerous items of historical interest, such as the 1947 logs from Harvard's Mark 1 computer where an engineer pasted an insect with the comment -- "first actual case of bug being found."

The Windows 95 Bug Collection was the first popular printed work to deal exclusively with bugs in computer software and hardware.

BugNet editors Bruce Brown, Bruce Kratofil and Nigel R.M. Smith wrote and compiled the book, which BugNet designed and provided camera-ready on disk to the publisher.

"We were delighted that the Smithsonian recognized BugNet's contribution to the history of computing," said Bruce Brown, editor and publisher of BugNet.

"This is the equivalent of having your industrial design put on display in the Museum of Modern Art."

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