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100 Voices: Sioux, Cheyenne, Arapahoe, Crow, Arikara and American Eye-witness accounts of the Battle of the Little Bighorn

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Standing Bear's Story of the Battle, #2
A Minneconjou Sioux's account of the Battle of the Little Bighorn

From a 1910 interview with Walter Mason Camp
Here is another account of the battle by Standing Bear, and another, plus his account of the great sun dance on the Rosebud just before the battle

Minneconjou Sioux warrior Standing BearWE WENT downstream to the mouth of Muskrat Creek beyond the Santee camp. There were warriors ahead of us, the "fronters," who are the bravest and have had most practice in war. I was sixteen years old, and I was in the rear with the less brave.

When we got farther up the hill, I could see the soldiers. They were off their horses, holding them by the bridles. They were ready for us and were shooting. Our people were all around the hill on every side by this time. I heard some of our men shouting, "They are gone!" And I saw that many of the soldiers' horses had broken loose and were running away. Everywhere our warriors began yelling, "Hoka hey! Hurry! Hurry!"

Then we all went up, and it got dark with dust and smoke. I could see warriors flying all around me like shadows, and the noise of all those hoofs and guns and cries was so loud it seemed quiet in there and the voices seemed to be on top of the cloud. It was like a bad dream. All at once I saw a soldier right beside me, and I leaned over and knocked him down with the butt of the six-shooter. I think I had already shot it empty, but I don't remember when. The soldier fell off and was under the hoofs. There were so many of us that I think we did not need guns. Just the hoofs would have been enough.

After this we started down the hillside toward the village, and there were dead men and horses scattered along there too. They were all rubbed out.

It Is A Good Day To Die: Indian Eyewitnesses Tell The Story Of The Battle of the Little Bighorn, edited by Herman J. Viola, Crown Publishers, 1998 p 53 - 54


Standing Bear was Iron Hail's brother.

Here is a 1910 account of the battle by Standing Bear, another 1910 account, and an undated account, plus Standing Bear's recollection of the great Sun Dance before the battle where Sitting Bull had a vision that the bluecoat soldiers fell from the sky and all died.

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