A Few Selections from
BugNet's Greatest Hits


Windows 4.1 (AKA Windows 98) Bug Report (July 1998)
Line Noise: New Buzz Phrase in V.90 Modem Distress (June 1998)
Windows NT Service Packs -- Spawn of the Devil? (July 1997)
Dead Compaq Mouse A Stinker (June 1997)
MechWarrior2 Among Games Bitten By Win95 DirectX Problems (April 1997)
Raymond Chandler Calling -- US Robotics Pause Problem (August 1996)
Rockwell's RPI Chipset Causes Popular Modem Furor (February 1996)
Error 21: A Print Error For Every PC (November 1995)
WordPerfect 6.x: King of GPFs? (December 1994)


Only the Good (Software) Dies Young (July 1998)
Do We Need A Software Lemon Law? (February 1998)
PC Databases -- Black Hole of Software Design (July 1997)
Apple #2 -- The Untold Story of Apple's Demise (February 1997)
Apple #1 -- Does Apple Deserve To Die?
(July 1996)
The Great PC Virus Hoax (June 1996)
The Balkanization of the Online World (November 1995)
Software Piracy Is A Good Thing (Seriously) (February 1995)


Netscape vs. Internet Explorer (August 1997)
First Quarter 1997 Bug/Fix Ratings (March 1997)
Microsoft, Then and Now
(July 1996)
Word vs. WordPerfect (June 1996)
First Quarter 1996 Bug/Fix Ratings (April 1996)


BugNet's Monthly Top Ten Bug/Fix List


Office 97 SR-2 Woes (September 21, 1998)
JavaScript Math Errors in Netscape, IE (September 2, 1998)
::$DATA Security Hole Hits MS IIS (July 2, 1998)
Some Newer Laptops Choke on Win98 Upgrade (July 1, 1998)

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